5 Steps to Create Your Link in Bio for Instagram

Adding a link in bio on your Instagram page is a free and easy way to drive more visitors and revenue to your business. But how do you get started? Follow these five steps to create and get the most out of your free link in bio.

  1. Create your account. Design and publish your page in minutes.

Drum is a 100% free-to-use tool that allows you to connect your followers to your content with one link. You can post on any platform your business is on, feature your favorite content, see how well your page performs, and choose from a variety of earning opportunities—all for free.

Why it’s important:

Your custom link is your one shot at showing your brand at its best. Instagram only allows one link per bio, so you’ll want viewers to understand your business as quickly as possible. Highlight best sellers, new products/services, blog posts, your homepage, and more to allow them to get a deep insight of your business as a whole. This also allows your viewers to better convert to customers if they can access your products/services pages quickly in your link in bio.

  1. Customize your page. Make it match your unique brand. 

Your page should reflect your business’s brand. Build your link in bio page in seconds and choose from a wide variety of customization options for free.

Why it’s important:

Your brand tells your customer your story and why you’re in business. It sets you apart from your competitors and gives them a reason to buy from you. Consistent brand strategy leads to stronger brand equity, which in turn provides more trust and loyalty from your customers.

  1. Add Links and collections. Link to anything you want.

Build your link in bio with links to your most captivating content: landing pages, videos, products, blog posts, and more. Plus, browse our vast library of referral offers to earn money in new ways. 

Why it’s important:

You want your viewers to get as much important info as they can with just one link. A lot rides on this Instagram feature. Captivate your visitors with new, refreshing content and evergreen content so they can get a more well-rounded view of your brand voice, business values, and more. Connecting them on a more personal level can lead them to become first-time or repeat customers. 

  1. Share Anywhere. Connect with your audience in just one link.

Post your link on social channels, blog posts, and more. Reach, connect, and engage with a larger audience to increase your earning potential.

Why it’s important:

Your free link in bio page goes beyond Instagram. Share it among your other platforms as well so you can expand its reach. This offers a better opportunity for higher views, CTR, conversions, and more. The larger the audience you share your link with, the more you’ll likely earn.

  1. Track success. View your page’s performance.

See how well your page is performing with real-time analytic tracking. View visits, clicks, and revenue to see what’s performing well and what might need areas of improvement.

Why it’s important:

A link in bio page that doesn’t perform well works virtually the same as not having one at all. Your page needs to be compelling enough and easy to navigate to inspire visitors to convert. Viewing data allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t so you can quickly go in and fix any potential issues. This isn’t a “set it and forget it” situation.

Creating your link in bio for your Instagram page doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With Drum, make the most of your landing page with a custom link, referral opportunities, and analytic tools—all for free.