8 Ways to Get More Followers On Instagram

Growing more Instagram followers can seem challenging in the sea of competition. And getting real followers over bots? That may seem like a challenge against the confusing Instagram algorithm. But we’re here to help with eight tips on gaining a larger, authentic Instagram following. 

1. Create an Instagram link in bio

If you haven’t consolidated your content already, it’s time to create a link in bio. Adding a link in bio to your Instagram page is your best chance at highlighting your business’s brand. Your brand sets you apart from competitors, telling a story that compels your followers to buy from you. A link in bio is also a great way to showcase your most important pages in one place: best sellers, new products/services, blog posts, homepage, etc. Make your best link in bio page yet with Drum, free link in bio tool that allows customization, referral opportunities, and analytical tools. 

2. Create an Instagram content calendar

Consistency is key for branding in general. It leads to stronger brand equity, more trust, and … loyalty from your followers and customers. Keep your feed fresh with new content on a consistent basis. Find a sweet spot between posting enough and not posting too much. Start daily and see how well that performs. After all, the more content you post, the more likely you’ll be shared and discovered. Plus, at the very least, it shows Instagram users you’re active on your account.

3. Capture with your caption

The eye goes immediately to the image or video in the post, but it doesn’t stop there. Compel your audience to engage with you through your captions. Ask questions, tell stories, share funny anecdotes, or encourage a discussion in the comment. Make them feel like your brand is talking to them specifically. Hashtags are also a great way to receive more views and engagement. Pair your captions with community hashtags to gain more visibility in the space. Try to come up with a brand-specific hashtag or two to encourage more shares from your followers as well.

4. Learn the best time to post on Instagram

A common misconception since Instagram reworked its algorithm is that timing doesn’t matter as much anymore. Every business caters to a unique audience, so there’s no one set time you have to adhere to. Test different posting times to see which works best for your audience. A good option to start out with is 11 a.m. on Wednesdays (perfect for those mid-day, mid-week breaks). 

5. Try different types of posts

In order to culminate a following, you need to know what type of content your audience enjoys. While image posts are the most engaging, feel free to experiment with videos and slideshows. Make a strategy for Instagram Reels and IGTV. Use polls, ask questions, or do a live chat in your Instagram Stories. Instagram’s algorithm tends to favor accounts that experiment with different types of posts and that update their profile regularly—so try anything and everything, taking note of what works and what doesn’t. 

6. Don’t ignore your Stories, IGTV, and Reels

Instagram added its Stories section to compete with Snapchat, and it quickly won the battle by becoming the most popular feature on the app. Post to your Stories on a regular basis to increase your chances of being seen by your followers. They’ll show up at the top of their feeds every time you post a new Story and also reminds them you’re consistently creating new content. However, don’t post too often on your Stories. No one likes clicking through dozens of times. Similarly, newer features like IGTV and Instagram Reels allow you to post longer videos that can highlight your products/services or your brand in general. Both compete with larger social channels (IGTV vs Youtube; Instagram Reels vs TikTok), so be sure to make the most of them.

7. Promote your Instagram account

Get off Instagram. No, seriously! One of the best ways to boost your Instagram following is by promoting it on other channels. Include “follow us” sections in your email marketing campaigns, creating engaging buttons on your website, and cross-promote it on your other pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). 

8. Track performance

Like any performance channel, you need to ensure what you’re trying is working. Instagram has analytical tools to highlight how stories and posts are performing, but you’ll also want to track your link in bio performance. Thankfully, that’s where Drum comes in. Not only can you create and customize a free link in bio for your Instagram, you also get real-time analytics on clicks, revenue, and other major KPIs. 

While gaining more Instagram followers doesn’t happen that quickly, it can still happen with the right steps. Build your Instagram strategy with your brand marketing team to increase engagements, revenue, and a steady stream of followers.