Adding Content To Your Link In Bio Just Got Way Easier

Introducing Quick Links

Drum’s newest feature, Quick Links lets you quickly and easily add links to your Drum link in bio page while you’re browsing another site or app. Share links in seconds with our latest time-saving feature.

Here’s how to add Quick Links to your Drum page.

Once you’ve downloaded the Drum app and set up your free link in bio account, it’s time to share links to your content. Here’s how Drum makes it easy with Quick Links:

1. Tap the share icon in any browser or app

Whether it's a website link or a media link from your favorite app, you can share it to Drum in just a few taps.

2. Click on the Drum icon

Once the share dialog is shown, select the Drum app logo to open the link settings in the Drum app.

3. Share the link to your Drum page

From the Drum app, choose a title, description and select an image for your link to share to your Drum link in bio page.

That’s it! Drum makes it easy to share links from your mobile browser or any app directly to your Drum link in bio page in seconds

Download Drum today to quickly and easily share content with your following for free.