The best free link in bio Linktree alternative

Instagram is one of the hardest platforms for generating traffic. You can only post a single link in your profile and, unless you’re paying or have over 10,000 followers, it doesn’t allow swipe up links for most users’ Instagram stories. 

It can be difficult to meet the instant gratification demands of thousands of users, which is why there are paid and free link in bio tools to help alleviate that challenge. Paid tools like Linktree offer custom landing pages to highlight your best content, analytical data to see how your content is performing, and more — all features that can help increase traffic, engagements, and conversions. 

However, Linktree itself does have some drawbacks, which is why we’ve gathered a list of the best free link in bio Linktree alternatives for your business and brand. 

What is Linktree?

Linktree is one of the most popular link in bio tools that helps connect businesses with their audience on social platforms from Instagram and LinkedIn to Twitter and Twitch. It offers a basic plan that’s free, which includes unlimited links, customization features, and integration. However, for more features like analytics, watermark removal, integrations into more social channels, and more, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro plan. 

What can I use instead of Linktree?

While Linktree is a popular tool, its free plan offers limited options. It won’t match and is unlikely to complement your brand style, and you can’t tailor it even further unless you pay for the pro plan.

If you're searching for a free link in bio tool to help you maximize your link in bio potential. Make sure to look for tools that offer access from a mobile app and offer free premium features like link analytics. 

Linktree’s free plan is a bit limited. Here are five features you should look for in a free link in bio Linktree alternative:  

  1. Your bio link tool should work on any social media platform.

Your link in bio tool should work with Instagram’s link in bio abilities, but it should also work with any social media platform from Tiktok to YouTube to help creators, influencers, brands, and entrepreneurs connect their followers with whatever they’re promoting. If your link in bio tool only works with Instagram and not other social channels it might not be worth it.

  1. Your link in bio page should be customizable to fit your brand.

You worked hard to build your brand and your bio link should reflect your unique style that your followers love. Look for a solution where you can use the same styles and colors to keep your link in bio looking in-line with your brand guidelines.

  1. Image, video and music sharing should be included in your free link in bio app.

Make sure you can collect your content from SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Vimeo and more all into one link to share with your audience. You should be able to connect your links, content and social profiles on one page, converting visitors and followers into customers with a micro-landing page that has it all.

  1. Your Linktree alternative should have free analytics.

When you post your customized page to social channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or even implement it into your email marketing strategy, it's important to see the analytics of your link to optimize your content and your placements. Most link in bio tools  charge for access to analytics.

It's challenging to find an all-in-one Linktree alternative that offers all these features without a monthly or annual fee.  Fortunately, there’s one tool that offers everything you need — all for free.

The best free alternative to Linktree

Drive more customers and expand your following with Drum. Drum is the most powerful way to engage your followers with your content with free tools that allow you to connect with visitors, engage with your audience, and earn more. Drum is a free link in bio Linktree alternative that offers tons of customization options and premium tools. With Drum, create your custom landing page to showcase your favorite links, product, videos, services, and more. Post your link to any of your social channels and see how it performs with in-app analytics you can manage from your phone.

Engaging with your audience has never been easier. One link gives you infinite possibilities to connect with your audience from start to finish. Share your content and explore a world of earning opportunities today!