Host your link in bio on your custom domain for free with Drum

Drum is the ultimate free link in bio solution to host all your premium content. Here’s how to set up a custom domain URL for your Drum link in bio page.

Why it’s important to use your custom domain URL for your link in bio 

If you have a website, you can use your custom domain URL to link to your Drum link in bio page. This way, your link in bio URL looks like your custom website. This helps you build recognition in your bio page when your followers are engaging with your content. A custom domain also improves click through rates and engagement which leads to more views and sales.

How to set up your custom domain for your Drum link in bio page

  1. Set up your Drum account

Download the Drum app to set up your free bio link account. It only takes a minute to get started. Once your account is created you can follow these steps to customize your link in bio page by adding new images and colors that fit your personal brand. Then, add your favorite links to share with your followers, including premium content like YouTube videos and Spotify music.

  1. Navigate to the Drum Domain Settings page to add a custom domain

Once you set up your Drum account, navigate to the Settings page and click on the “Domain Settings” menu option. 

Once on “Domain Settings”, add your custom domain or subdomain.

  1. Configure your custom domain settings with your domain registrar. 

Once you add your custom domain within your Drum Domain Setting,  you will see instructions on what you need to configure in your domain registrar like GoDaddy, Amazon, or another provider you used to register your domain.

Navigate to your domain provider to add an A Record with the domain or subdomain you added on your Drum Domain Settings. Within the A Record, include the IP address provided on the Drum Domain Settings page with an Automatic or 1 Hour time to live. Once you save your changes, the registration is complete.

  1. Verify your configuration 

Navigate back to the Drum app to verify the configuration by clicking the green “Verify Configuration” button. 

  1. Share your new custom domain bio link with your followers

Once the set up is complete, navigate back to your Drum homepage and click “Share Profile” to copy the link for your new custom domain URL to share it in your social media bio.