Introducing Drum’s new e-commerce functionality: Drum Shops

Take your link in bio one step further with Drum Shops

Tired of the high fees on other link in bio platforms? It’s time to take control of your products and earnings. Introducing Drum’s new e-commerce functionality: Drum Shops.

What is Drum Shops?

A simple but powerful solution, Drum Shops helps influencers like you sell products of different kinds: video messages (like Cameo), digital products, and physical products. It’s free to set up and charges only transaction fees — that means we succeed only when you do.

How to add Drum Shops to your link in bio.

If you’re already using Drum, go ahead and start with step 1 below. If not, download the Drump app to get started with your free link in bio tool.

1. Open up the Drum app and click on the My Shop Menu.

From there, click on the cart icon that says “My Shop.”

2. Click on the Product List Menu. 

Choose the products you want to add to your shop. You can upload physical objects to be sold from your shop; digital files like eBooks, PDFs, and more; and video messages.

3. Upload your products.

After you select the product type for your shop, you can add a product title, images, a description and set a price. You can also add variants like size and color to Physical Products and individually set prices for each of them.

On the Style tab you can choose a small or large card format and finally save the product to your page and to collections that you want to include this product in. Once you click done, your product is live and available for purchase on your link in bio.

Add a title and description

Select Variants
Choose your images and cover photo

Edit the tile size

Start selling in seconds with Drum Shops.

With Drum Shops, set up is simple so that you can promote your products fast to start earning. Plus, there's no monthly fees. You’ll incur just a 5% charge of the product cost plus a 30 cent flat fee on all transactions. Compare that to the average percentage (15-25%!) of most other link in bio platforms, and you’re already earning and saving more from the start. Download the Drum app to start selling today!