The best link in bio tool for musicians

The best free link in bio tool for musicians

You’ve come up with the melody, the lyrics, to beat. You’ve recorded your music. You’ve put your passion in it, giving it your all. You want people to listen and feel something that makes them listen over and over. But how do you reach more listeners?

That’s where Drum comes in.

More than just an instrument

Drum is a free link in bio tool that offers free integrations with Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube to connect your fans to your latest music while also reaching new audiences. Create your landing page to highlight your latest content, social pages, and so much more. Make it uniquely yours with tons of customization options and premium tools, manage those links from your phone, and track how they’re doing with real-time analytics — all for free.

What is a link in bio?

If you’re unsure what a link in bio is, we’ll walk you through it. A link in bio is a clickable link added to your Instagram profile to showcase your content to your followers. It’s a must-have tool to drive audience engagement, improve click-through rates, and increase conversions.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which allows users to add links to posts, Instagram only allows one website link and it’s in your profile’s bio. If you have 10,000 followers or more, you can add shareable links in your Instagram stories. However, either way, it’s best to utilize your link in bio with a custom landing page. 

How to use a bio link to promote your music

Still not sure what exactly a link in bio tool can do for your music career? Here’s how it helps.

  1. Showcase your entire discography

Show off everything you’ve done to your visitors and fanbase. Link to your music videos, website, Soundcloud, Apple music, Spotify, merchandise and more. When you link music, you can create song art for each piece, which makes your landing page even more visually appealing. Your link in bio is your best tool to display all of your work.

  1. Grow your following

Growing your fanbase is vital for any musician. Gain more fans by capturing email addresses when they visit your page. Encourage them to sign up for your latest updates if they like what they hear and want to hear more. Promote your other social media channels on the page so you’ll get larger followings across all platforms and they’ll be informed of your latest updates as soon as possible.

  1. Get more streams

Gaining more listens means increasing your chance of a larger loyal fanbase. Link to your latest singles or albums from Spotify or SoundCloud and more in one place with your customized landing page. Whenever you release something new, viewers can also see your previous work and give it a listen. If they haven’t heard it before, it’s a great way to introduce your artistry as a whole to them. If they have, they’ll appreciate the convenience of your discography being easily accessible in one convenient location. 

  1. Promote new content

Let your fans know when you’re dropping a new single or album. Hype up your latest music so they can listen as soon as it’s out. Link it to popular streaming services or embed it right in your landing page so they can listen as soon as they open your page. Sell new merch, and promote tours with links to schedules and where to buy tickets for each city. 

Musicians everywhere use Drum to get more streams

See why musical artists all over trust Drum to boost their platform and increase their listens. Give Drum a try for free today!