Word of Mouth

No longer the unsung hero of marketing channels

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Drum allows e-commerce businesses to easily compensate customers and advocates for referring new customers.

Flexible to businesses or all sizes and types, and truly pay for performance.

Drum helps merchants...

Extend their referral program1
Businesses extend their program to an army of referrers, not just past customers.
Pay for performance
Marketing dollars are spent only after a new customer is acquired.
Re-engage their best advocates
A business’ best referrers can be rewarded for their advocacy.

How Drum works...

Create an opportunity
Businesses pay what they want, and set up tracking instantly.
Drive referrals
Referrers access the opportunity and promote it within their networks.
Realize sales
New customers learn about the brand or product and convert.

Scout enables consumers to share the things they love with people they trust.

Rather than asking about whether a customer would “recommend a product to a friend,” businesses now measure it.

Scout helps merchants...

Measure and drive user sentiment
Customers easily save products they want in-app and share with others.
Increase post purchase recommendations
At checkout, users immediately shout out the things they’ve bought.
Increase brand awareness through user generated content
Users create content around products and experiences they love.

How Scout works...

Share what you love
Consumers save and curate the things they love.
Share with friends
Personalized recommendations are shared from trusted sources
Connect and collaborate
Groups collaborate around the things that inspire them.
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